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Scott’s Ghost Tech Blog #1

by Scott on Dec.30, 2009, under Ghost Tech Reviews, Scott's Blog

Review of the Ovilus

I am reviewing a spirit communication device called The Ovilus.  This device was created by Bill Chappell’s company, Digital Dowsing (linked below). He is one of the new breed of inventors that are creating technology specifically for the paranormal investigation community. 

I have owned the Ovilus for over a year and have used it on several paranormal investigations.  This device takes readings of the environment, including temperature and EMF.  The Ovilus has a number of different modes whereby the readings are converted into a number and responses are provided.  The modes include a dictionary of words, phonetics, yes/no, and dowsing. 

The most compelling evidence that I gathered from the Ovilus was at a site where I asked, “How Did You Die?’” and the word dictionary within the Ovilus stated, “Fell Seven Stories.”  In the film, The Possessed, by The Booth Brothers (linked below), the Ovilus was used in conjunction with a medium.  The Ovilus seemed to verify everything that the medium was sensing in the haunted location.  Also, this device was used on both television shows, Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures, with seemingly accurate results based on the prior descriptions of the hauntings at the locations being investigated.

I believe that additional research is needed to establish the accuracy of the Ovilus but I am impressed with the results to date.

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