Scott’s Ghost Tech Blog #5

by Scott on Jul.13, 2010, under Ghost Tech Reviews, Scott's Blog

RT-EVP Digital Recorder/Ghost Box

I recently used the new RT-EVP recorder/ghost box on an investigation of a private residence. The equipment has several different functions. It is a digital recorder, a ghost box, and can record the ghost box output. While using the ghost box function, that scans the FM band, a fellow investigator asked if an entities could name someone in the room. There were four people there and there was a response to the question. On playback, we could clearly hear my first and last name being said in an southern accent. Nobody in the room had said my name and the accent was different than that of anyone in the room. We also recorded a spirit telling us to “leave” the premises.

This new equipment is made by Gary Galka from DAS Distribution, Inc. He is the same inventor that brought us the MEL Meter and the P-SB7 ghost box. You can check out the RT-EVP at the following website:

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