About Us

Haunted Truth Paranormal is a multi-state organization dedicated to investigating and uncovering the Truth regarding paranormal activity and it’s cause. Here is Our Founding Member:

Scott, Founding Member, Director of the Pennsylvania Region

    Places that he has investigated:
    Personal Residence, Poconos, PA
    Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
    Fort Delaware, Delaware City, DE
    Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA
    Lizzie Borden House, Falls River, MA
    Gettysburg Battlefield, Gettysburg , PA
    Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia , PA
    Personal Residence, Bensalem, PA
    Octagon Hall, Franklin, KY
    Bell Witch Cave, Adams, TN
    Personal Residence #2, Bensalem, PA
    Personal Residence, Southampton, PA
    Charles Manson Murder House, Los Angeles, CA

Scott’s Reasons For Being A Paranormal Investigator:
“The need to confirm my belief that the spirit continues to exist after the physical body dies.  I am fascinated by the afterlife and of what it consists.  Are only spirits that are trapped on this earth able to interact in some ways with living people?  Are all spirits, whether they go to the light or not, able to interact?  Are they able to move around the physical world at will or are they confined to a specific area?  What do they experience and is it like sight and hearing or is it just waves of energy?  Is there a Heaven and Hell? Does reincarnation happen?
I am intrigued by the scientific approach to studying paranormal phenomena and the fact that very recently, there have finally been a few scientists that are designing and manufacturing equipment specifically for paranormal investigations in order to enable investigators to gather concrete data in an attempt to prove the existence of spirit entities.”