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Scott’s Ghost Tech Blog #5

by Scott on Jul.13, 2010, under Ghost Tech Reviews, Scott's Blog

RT-EVP Digital Recorder/Ghost Box

I recently used the new RT-EVP recorder/ghost box on an investigation of a private residence. The equipment has several different functions. It is a digital recorder, a ghost box, and can record the ghost box output. While using the ghost box function, that scans the FM band, a fellow investigator asked if an entities could name someone in the room. There were four people there and there was a response to the question. On playback, we could clearly hear my first and last name being said in an southern accent. Nobody in the room had said my name and the accent was different than that of anyone in the room. We also recorded a spirit telling us to “leave” the premises.

This new equipment is made by Gary Galka from DAS Distribution, Inc. He is the same inventor that brought us the MEL Meter and the P-SB7 ghost box. You can check out the RT-EVP at the following website:

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Scott’s Ghost Tech Blog #4

by Scott on Feb.06, 2010, under Ghost Tech Reviews, Scott's Blog

Digital Audio Recorder – Panasonic RR-DR60

While there are many types of audio recorders, analog and digital, the one that seems to be considered the most prolific at capturing EVPs is the Panasonic RR-DR60.  While this recorder captures a large quantity of EVPs, the quality is low.  Haunted Truth Paranormal has two of these recorders and has captured some very interesting EVPs with them. 

While at Fort Mifflin, I was using an Olympus digital recorder and John was using the Panasonic RR-DR60.  We were in the Casemate where Grant, from Ghost Hunters, saw the face of a man through the window.  This Casemate had been hidden for decades and was only recently uncovered soon before the Ghost Hunter Team did their investigation. 

There is a story that the spirit of a man that was held in this Casemate was a political prisoner. At the time that John and I were investigating, we were the ONLY people in the Casemate and I asked this spirit, “now that the Casemate had people walking through it, do you like the company or do the people annoy you?”  I then asked, “How were you treated?”  Neither John nor I heard any response to these questions with our ears.  On review of the recorders, my Olympus recorder did not have any responses to the questions, but John’s Panasonic RR-DR60 had the following responses:

1) Me – “now that the Casemate had people walking through it, do you like the company or do the people annoy you?” 

     Response – “I Like The Company.”

2) Me – “How were you treated?”

     Response – “Good.”

These specific responses to my questions that were captured on the Panasonic RR-DR60 seem to be too compelling to be a coincidence or  electro-magnetic interference.

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Scott’s Ghost Tech Blog #3

by Scott on Feb.03, 2010, under Ghost Tech Reviews, Scott's Blog

Digital Audio Recorders

There are a few new digital audio recorders that paranormal investigators may want to consider testing in the field. The first is the Edirol R-09hr Digital Audio Recorder seen on Ghost Hunters International (Brandy’s new recorder). The following is a link to Brandy’s MySpace page where she describes the recorder in more detail:

The second new recorder is the RT-EVP Real Time EVP Recorder to be released in June 2010. This recorder is made by DAS Distribution Inc., and is designed exclusively for the paranormal market. This recorder is designed by Gary Galka, the inventor behind the Mel Meter series of EMF Detectors. This recorder will have simultaneous record and playback as well as a Frequency Sweep Interface which will allow the RT-EVP to scan the entire FM range of 88.0MHz to 108.0 MHz in about 12 seconds, or 60msec/step. The device can also record while sweeping the FM band. For more information on the RT-EVP recorder, please follow this link:

These new digital audio recorders are the next wave of technology that hopefully enables the paranormal investigation field to be able to advance ITC research.

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Scott’s Ghost Tech Blog #2

by Scott on Jan.26, 2010, under Ghost Tech Reviews, Scott's Blog

The Minibox/Ghost Box/Frank’s Box

I am reviewing the Minibox (aka Frank’s Box/Ghost Box) which is basically an AM radio that continuously scans the AM dial.  Spirits are supposed to be able to either communicate with the user by manipulating the scan to pick up specific words that are broadcasted on different channels on the AM band as the box scans or by speaking to the user through the white noise between the channels.

The Minibox that I have can be set to scan in several different ways; up and down the channels, up the AM band and begins again after it reaches  the end of the dial, popcorn or jump around the AM band in a random fashion.

The most compelling evidence that I gathered using my Minibox was at the Lizzie Borden House in Falls River, MA.  I asked the spirit of Lizzie Borden’s father, who was hacked to death in the house with an axe, what my name is and from the box my fellow investigator and I heard, “Hello Mr. (my last name).”  This was shocking because there was a direct response to the question that I just asked.

These boxes have been used on many of the ghost hunting shows, including the seven hour live Ghost Adventures investigation at the Trans- Allegheny Lunatic Asylum held on October 30, 2009.  During that investigation, Chris Fleming was investigating with Zak, Nick and Aaron using a ghost boxat the time 5:16 of this clip  (  They heard many direct answers to their questions that were very compelling evidence of spirit communication.

In an extra feature on Bill Murphy’s film, The Stanley Effect, Bill interviews Frank Sumption, the creator of the Frank’s Box.  I recommend that you watch this added clip to get a better understanding of how the Frank’s Box works and to view some compelling evidence (watch preview clip #5 at the bottom of the page at this link:

It seems like we are getting closer to being able to communicate with spirit entities.  Maybe one day we will completely bridge the gap between our world and that of  those that have passed.

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Scott’s Ghost Tech Blog #1

by Scott on Dec.30, 2009, under Ghost Tech Reviews, Scott's Blog

Review of the Ovilus

I am reviewing a spirit communication device called The Ovilus.  This device was created by Bill Chappell’s company, Digital Dowsing (linked below). He is one of the new breed of inventors that are creating technology specifically for the paranormal investigation community. 

I have owned the Ovilus for over a year and have used it on several paranormal investigations.  This device takes readings of the environment, including temperature and EMF.  The Ovilus has a number of different modes whereby the readings are converted into a number and responses are provided.  The modes include a dictionary of words, phonetics, yes/no, and dowsing. 

The most compelling evidence that I gathered from the Ovilus was at a site where I asked, “How Did You Die?’” and the word dictionary within the Ovilus stated, “Fell Seven Stories.”  In the film, The Possessed, by The Booth Brothers (linked below), the Ovilus was used in conjunction with a medium.  The Ovilus seemed to verify everything that the medium was sensing in the haunted location.  Also, this device was used on both television shows, Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures, with seemingly accurate results based on the prior descriptions of the hauntings at the locations being investigated.

I believe that additional research is needed to establish the accuracy of the Ovilus but I am impressed with the results to date.

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