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by Scott on Feb.07, 2010, under Scott's Blog

Paranormal State – Dead Legends

During this season, the show, Paranormal State, had an episode titled, Dead Legends.  In this episode, the team was investigating reports of hauntings in the Hotel Conneaut in Northern Pennsylvania.  The reason that I am writing about this episode is because it brought up an interesting theory regarding hauntings.  The Paranormal State team could not verify any of the stories related to the haunting.  Therefore, they concluded that the mere fact that over many years, people have been told these stories about specific ghosts that allegedly haunt the Hotel, has created the expectations of the people visiting the hotel that they would experience these phenomena, which in turn actually created the activity of the hauntings by these specific spirits.

This is a very interesting and somewhat unusual explanation for a haunting but it may have some support for the theory that a person’s “Intent” may create paranormal phenomena.  The idea that paranormal activity may not be related to the spirits of those that have passed, but actually are created by the “Intent” or the Psychic ability of the living, has been an idea that has existed within the paranormal community for some time.   While there is no proof that this is the case, there are books that  address this issue.

In the book, The Resonance Key, by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman, on page 158 they refer to Stan Gooch’s book, The Origins of Psychic Phenomena, whereby they list the following quote, “We should probably never finally close the door on the possibility of discarnate or spirit beings existing independently of ourselves…however, with the cautionary note and despite the dramatic evidence of apparently discarnate entities or forces noisily breaking up rooms, starting fires, attacking and severely bruising human beings, and causing some of them to burst into flames, we have, nevertheless…seen persuasive evidence that these entities or forces are directly associated with, and indeed directly produced by, certain individuals.”

I am not endorsing this theory as fact, but it is an interesting area for future research to determine the actual cause of paranormal activity, whether it is the result of the spirits of the deceased or the psychic abilities or “Intent”, even at the subconscious level, of the living.   



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